Hello, world! My name is Cam :D

My names is Paola Camille. 

My family calls me Camille, and my friends call me Paola. I am a stay at home mom who tends to a little boy and a baby girl, along with their daddy and our cat and dog. During the day I do what a typical stay at home mom do: take care of the kiddos, cook, clean, etc. And when the kids are napping or have gone to bed for the night, I would start creating little figures that would pop inside my head.

From being creative to healthcare to sculpting?

Growing up I always enjoyed being creative. From drawing to coloring to creating craft projects for school or simply for fun, I loved creating.  Once in college, I attempted to take nursing classes which I ended up not completing for the simple fact that nursing was something I didn't really loved doing. After college, I worked for a tax and printing company where I stayed for almost 7 years. I ended up quitting my job in order to take care of our kids. Now a days, I find myself lucky enough to stay at home with the kids and also create my delightful little figures and sell them online.

About polymer clay...

From all the medium I tried over the years, there is nothing that brings me more joy then creating little figures out of polymer clay. I first stumbled upon this wonderful medium by pure accident. I was browsing through YouTube when I accidentally found a video tutorial about making little chibi characters using polymer clay. I was fascinated! I ended up watching a couple more polymer clay tutorials until one day I found a reason to buy some polymer clay for myself. From then on, you can always find me making little things using polymer clay almost every day. I am in love!

And so...

I am at the point in my life where I finally found something that I really want to pursue. Currently, I am working on bettering myself one day at a time with whatever amount of time I have. It can be a little tough balancing taking care of the kids, running the house, and trying to create my little figures in a daily basis but somehow, it is very satisfying once  my figures are finally finished.

So for now, cheers to a future I am really looking forward to see and meet!

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